The Team

The Team

Monday, January 7, 2013

New Team

Our team has dropped in size significantly yet we have carefully selected our team to operate a small yet skilled strike team. And we still boast our famous BDU and Shorts combo!

Sam Engelman - Team Leader/MOUT Assault
Weapon System/s - AK-47, USP, Tac 500 Shotgun, MAC 11, R700

Josh Engelman - CQB and Recon specialist
Weapon System/s - M4A1, M1911, G36K

David Engelman - Sniper/CQB
Weapon System/s - Magpul M4A1

Mark Anischenko - Crazy specialist
Weapon System/s - AK-74

Barry Engelman - MOUT and Woodland operator
Weapon System/s - M4 CQBR, 2x Sig 552

Nathan Yamase - Support gunner
Weapon System/s - G36c

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