The Team

The Team

Friday, June 4, 2010

OP Resurection

OP Resurection was a great war we attended at sniperz den airsoft field on the 13th of june. not only was this the first day of summer for us but it was also our first war as a team. we fought as the survivors verses the zombies and the national guard. we had to leave early becuase one of our players had some serious allergies so we don not know the over all atandings of the event but we no we did not win. but win or lose it was really fun and we got to meet some sweet people like sodak.

Our Team

The Soldaten des Gluckes Airsoft team constists of
  • Sam Engelman- team leader, Ak-47 expert and special operations tactics expert
  • Josh Engelman- black ops expert, Scar-l CQC, Night operations coordinator
  • David Engelman- Close Quarters Battle (CQB), Mp5 submachine gun, CQD practicioner
  • Barry Engelman- mid range expert, M4 CQB, expert in unconvential tactics
  • Mark Anishenko- special ops, M4 carbine, expert in stealth and offesnsive tactics
  • David Anishenko- mid range expert, M16-A4 SOPMOD, expert in defensive tactics
  • Eli Burch- Ridiculus expert, HK G36K MOD1, Sniper and recon expert
  • Daniel Hespen- Assistant Team Leader, M4 RAS2, long distance manuvering expert
  • Nathan Yamase- CQB, HK G36C, Building defensive expert
  • Kevin Burk- notes expert, history lessons, crazyness expert
  • Zach Sweeten- defensive expert, Undecided, base defense